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    Latest posts

    • Dec, 5

      Web Scraping OYO

      The script webscrapes OYO for their list of hotels using Python3 and BeautifulSoup4 and compiles the details on a csv file.

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      Aug, 30

      Yipitdata Coding Exam

      My coding exam for a job I am applying for recently. Putting it here for future reference.

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    • Aug, 20

      ZNation – A Zombie Survival Multiplayer Shooter – Sandbox Testing

      Development Preview of ZNation, a zombie survival multiplayer shooter. Game Engine: Godot

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      Aug, 15

      Exploring Unity3D’s FPS Features

      Instructions: Click on the Game Widget to hold game controls. Press ESC to revert to Cursor. Source Code available at: https://github.com/gevonstria/ZombieSurvivalPrototype/tree/initial

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    • Mar, 7

      NumPy Read From API and Generate Chart on MatplotLib

      Generate a chart from a csv delivered by an API.

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      Feb, 6

      Facial Recognition from a Live Video Feed In Python

      Facial Recognition is one of the trending technologies today. They work by comparing selected facial features from given image/images with faces within a database or datasets. On this article, I will showcase a recent project of mine, detecting and recognising faces on a live video feed from a web cam. Python features libraries for creating […]

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    • Sep, 7

      Setting Up a New Project Repository on GitHub

      GitHub is one of the most popular version control host for git, rivaled by bitbucket and gitlab on popularity. In this article, I will be showing how to initialize a project repository on github.com. I will be using a bash terminal on this guide, if you are using windows, check my guide here on setting […]

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      Aug, 17

      Virtualenv – Getting ready for Development with Python

      Virtualenv is a great tool for isolating each python projects on your development machine. This allows you to install python libraries exclusively on each of your projects and give convenience when exporting your project to other environment. If you are using a Windows Machine, proceed to step 2 as pip comes pre-installed with the windows […]

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    • Aug, 15

      Bash on Windows? Setting Up an Ubuntu Bash Terminal on Windows 10

      Linux is everywhere, from web servers to your mobile phones and learning how to use it requires you to install a linux distro such as Ubuntu or by using a virtual machine. Over the years, Microsoft provided tools as a workaround for accessing linux web servers such as Power Shell and MSYS.

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      Aug, 6

      Perls’ Hashmap Implementation on a Python dict(Autovivication)

      On a recent article, we discussed what a dictionary is. This time we will discuss how we can initialize a multi-level dictionary by utilizing Autovivication, a python implementation of Perls’ hashmap data type.

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